Remote proctoring is usually represented by a cloud-based solution that can easily be integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS) or a test platform. Different types of proctoring have different customizable features, allowing educators to configure the assessments to meet their objectives. An online proctored exam typically consists of the following steps in the testing process:


The system validates students' identities by comparing an image captured by their web cameras with a photo or scan of their authentication documents. Once they've passed this procedure, they are allowed to commence the test.

Monitoring in real time

Continuous student invigilation is implied by online proctoring software. It assists educators in detecting and preventing any suspicious activity. An observer can be a human proctor or AI-based software, depending on the type of proctoring.

Data storage and analysis

When the exam is finished, the proctoring software analyzes the results and generates the reports. It is important to note that all audio and video data is recorded and stored, allowing for the review of documentation in the event of any controversies.

What Are the Benefits of Using Proctoring Software? 

Both educational institutions and students benefit from proctoring software. Let's take a look at some of its key advantages: 

An open academic environment

Proctoring software is an efficient way to ensure the integrity of online courses. It not only helps educational institutions protect their reputation, but it also provides a fair learning environment for students.


Online proctored exams can be taken at any time and from any location. As a result, both educators and students can better manage their time.

Stress has been reduced

 When students take exams from their homes or other familiar locations, they feel more at ease. Furthermore, they do not need to communicate with human examiners in the case of recorded and AI-proctored tests.

Cost effectiveness

Online proctoring offers educational institutions a significant financial advantage. They don't have to pay administrative fees or hire as many teachers and administrative personnel as they would for offline assessments.


Online proctoring assists academic institutions in building their reputation, which increases the value of their certificates and degrees.


Online proctoring enables educational institutions to increase student coverage while maintaining academic integrity.

Who Needs Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring software can be used in a variety of settings. Aside from the academic setting, where it is commonly used for online assessments, it can also be used by businesses. Remote proctoring can assist them in organizing online courses to improve the hard and soft skills of their employees, as well as in conducting professional certifications. Furthermore, it can improve the efficiency of certain work processes, such as recruiting, making it less time-consuming and more cost-effective.

Some great Online Proctoring Platforms are as follows:


This next-generation, completely automated AI-powered online remote proctoring app can work without any human intervention and relieves your institute of the time-consuming and error-prone process of exam invigilation. AIProctor includes features such as AI exam cheating and fraud detection engines, virtual browser lockdown, and location tracking, among others, in addition to 24 hour customer service.

Their homepage has a slightly different appearance and design because it is an index of everything you need to know about their online proctoring software, as shown below: 

  • AI proctoring with a good interface
  • Monitoring of secondary devices
  • Rapid facial recognition 
  • Multiple voice detection and tracking
  • A free trial is available.
  • Simple question branching and evaluations
  • Monitors head movement
  • It is available as a web app.
  •  No installation hassle 
  • It is not open-source software.
  • There is no dashboard to help you navigate.
  • The mobile platform is not supported.


ExamSoft, which provides educational assessment technology, is the next entry on our list of online proctoring software. ExamSoft has completed more than 55 million exams to date, with a client base that includes over 1600 customers. ExamSoft is a market leader in high-quality computer-based testing and assessment technology. This application, when combined with a secure assessment platform, ensures that institutes can efficiently build, administer, mark, and analyze tests. 

  • Surveys are being conducted.
  • Management of certification
  • Collaboration among multiple users
  • Personalized evaluations 
  • Immediate automatic evaluation
  • Displays a report to candidates. 
  • Intuitive app with secure testing
  • There may be a few glitches that require users to restart their PCs and laptops.
  • Before taking a test, the user must complete navigation training.


Proview, a cutting-edge, fully automated cognitive remote proctoring solution, was developed as part of Talview's goal to provide equal career opportunities to all candidates. This online remote proctoring system allows for the scheduling of tests that are not restricted by location. Proview has an elite clientele that includes multiple Fortune 500 companies from 102 countries. 

  • Candidate administration
  • Simple quiz generation
  • Grading by machine
  • Scheduling of tests
  • Third-party integration is simple.
  • Notifications sent automatically.
  • Test questions can be randomly generated. 
  • Only available as a desktop application
  • It is not possible to create a question library.

Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam, yet another online proctoring software, has a solid platform for proctored examinations. Not only does it provide a variety of innovative and flawless proctoring solutions, but all of their software features can be implemented in colleges, universities, educational institutions, and corporate establishments. The Conduct Exam has a high impact system that is extremely reliable in terms of results and speed, which is maintained by a qualified, specialized team. 

  • Create software with the features you require.
  • Automation simplifies the complex process of campus placement.
  • It is simple to add/import questions from word/excel formats.
  • Quickly create online and psychometric tests
  • Simple user administration
  • Has a personal mobile app that makes proctoring simple.
  • There is no free version or free trial available.
  • In the tests, incorporating images may appear to be difficult.

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